F%ck it. No cash Friday – Get your pamper, tunes and chill on.


Nothing to do or wanting to do nothing. Who needs a spa when you can get set up at home,  everything here is mostly under the $100 and you can visit each of the stores for their gacha or check out market place for the items.*

In retrospect maybe not eat the cucumbers.

*Prices as  marked and the market place gacha options are marked at what I paid at the time. 

 POEMA – detox mask – STEP 3 – *Catwa applier (other applier steps below) $110

This is a 3 steps detox treatment for your avatar. 

The step 2: APPLIES AS BLUSH – PIMPLES with some MASK. 
The step 3: APPLIES AS BLUSH – MASK all over the face.



#Foxy – Good Hair Day Gacha ‘Hair Wands Pink’ RARE $75 per play in store.

-tres blah- Jolie – Handheld Mirror  purchased on mp $55

Little bones. Rochette Brush Set

Common Gee – Head Towel [Red] $25 on mp

BUENO GACHA-Laptop Hustle $75 on mp

-tres blah- Pampered – Mag and Berries  $61 on mp

tres blah- Open Robe (Maitreya) – Rosey RARE $69

Bitter Serum // Facemark Cucumbers $25

Soy. Metal Platform Bed – Adult and PG versions $380

Soy. Brush. (part of the Cosmetic Decor Set) $175 for complete set


M I L A p o s e s :: Sexy Laying GIFT $3


Tea Wearing. 

Bossie. eyelashes mix set @ skin fair 2017

Just Magnetized – Perfect brows and beauty marks.


-VA-F-VISTA BENTO PROHANDS FEM-V.2BETA  with *YS&YS* Omega Basic Applier Tone 02 Now available in store.

My skin is *YS&YS* Danana Tone 02 Skin Applier CATWA






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