Mod your Body Monday.



A little bit late but better late than never. Apologies. 

Hitting up market place for the older static heads can still be lots of fun to play with. You may not be able to copy the heads but if you have a rare with a hud you can always change it back. 

I picked up this rare head from Genesis on mp for next to nothing. If you have good cheek bones you are always going to come out ahead!

Also consider with Genesis heads the different versions you may be using. Some appliers may not work. Take a chance if you are willing. Sometimes  you can be surprised.



Genesis_Lab_Skin_SATOMI_ Rare head 2.0

*this lm takes you to the store but i purchased mine on MP


01 Genesis_Head_Alisha_2.0 RARE Face applied with brows on hud @Kustom9



in cappuccino

AMITOMO.Eye Collection #18  gacha


+Spellbound+ Astarte // Grimoire : Complete (June group gift) $0


[WellMade] Brigitte Lingerie  @A P P L I Q U E





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