Mod your body Monday.

When the Bento head sl world goes wild, time to take a breather and play with what freebie mesh heads are available in world.

Just a little hint. ALWAYS make lots of copies of your mesh heads. Especially if using older models. This way if you have trouble with clearing appliers you will always have an original. 

Another hint is open an applier HUD from the mesh head maker or from other make up/skin  appliers for that brand and utilise their clear buttons. 



Clawtooth: Pixie Fluff – Unicorn gacha @Arcade $75 per play 


Genesis_Head_Lara_2.0_Christmas_GIFT_2016 $0 * group gift inworld 

[ MUDSKIN ]_Pia#5 $99 

[Buzz] Okina Eyes – Skye Blue gacha

[ MUDSKIN ]_Aya#Water Gloss_Pale 

PMS – Eyebrow Set #10 Hud – Genesis

=Pautina= _Metal_Eyeshadow@Genesis

POEMA – fox-trot lashes – Genesis applier

alme.   Pure Elegance – Light


MoDANNA [Beaune Collection]  Lace Lingerie Turquoise

SallieLanguage/Crystal Heart/Glasses Pink Gacha

B.C.C Bittersweet Choker – Pink  Gacha

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