Mod your body Monday.


Its mod your look with a limited budget time. Click on the description links to take you to the best options.

AMITOMO / Halloween ideas GACHA / EYE16 /   gacha  Mesh eyes, no system eyes.

E. Vary Yuli Skin Ruby / Gifts HUD Applier $1

includes: 1 Classic Skins with different eyebrows: (black) 3 Shape Different forms (Natural, Maitreya, Models) copy / mody / no transfer, 1 Freckles (tattoo), 1 Hair Base 1 Eyebrown Base

HUD Appliers Mesh Head (Included)  Akeruka Catwa Omega and Omega body skin.

I used the non freckled version with the body applier.

Mole CATWA/Omega Applier(Mouth-Cheeks-Front)..::BF:  $1

Lashes available on the CATWA head.

*Sinful Curves* Lip Gloss Shimmer $35

Add gloss to matte or plain lips. Includes one for light to medium skin tones and one for darker skin tones. Includes TMP installer, Classic tattoo layer, Catwa, Visage, Da Face and Omega Appliers.


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