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I did some time at one of my favourite stores Imbue hanging around for the lucky letter T for these cute shorts. Mission accomplished!  I feel I scored  pretty well on my latest adventures so will pump out a few more posts and plop them in the queue.

Housekeeping: I need to mention I have a couple of staple items I always wear and don’t include in my posts, In the order of transparency and you not being pissed when you try on the skins and hairs that you don’t look the same you may need to keep in mind I wear Just Magnetized – Beauty Marks and Hair bases, eyebrows and also Boss eyeliners a lot of the time.

The shots I take are raw like sushi sister! So at least you know the products are as is.


RAMA – #selfie_RAMA Coast Street  $75 Gacha in store. 



###  [PUMEC]  – Lucia –  Gift $1


.Entwined. Daisy Naturals Free Gift & Join  $o


IMBUE. Stonewash Cut-offs Grey Free join and lucky letter $0 


.epoch. penny crop / white pack $199


GIFT>VeNuS<>ShOeS< MARY FOR SLINK/MAITREYA/BELLEZA/TMP HUD with many colours (Group Gift Free to join$0


**RE** Orbit Bracelet $0

+aesthetik+ Chunky Metal Necklace + Gold $0

.: ryvolter :. Xylia Knot Bag – Golden Reptile Free Group gift But join fee $0

[TNG] myPhone 2.13 $0

IDEZA  – Boomsound Headphones V4 CM $0 (old indie teepee gift)



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