Sweet Dreams


SaNaRae Event   has all the birthday goodies for free at the moment if you hook up with their group. So many things. I can’t even. look for the little blue box on each stall. There are lots of generous designers. Seraphim covers whats for sale in the gallery here.


hazy . dreamer baby . strawberry pillow (wear) $0 SaNaRae Event  

/// offbeat /// icedays gacha block ice gift $0 SaNaRae Event

Kawaii bunny vases gift in all 3 colours $0

BananaN – Macarones sitting pillows $1

Pr!tty -tree {blanket curio} {lights} and

.tree {boho hall bench}  & .tree {Boho Mirror}$0 Taxi to the hunt

Alouette – You’re My Sweetheart Wall Decor $1

*Sunny* We ❤ Totoro! $o




pr!tty – Yeemi – {Rootless} Pastels $0  Taxi to the hunt


DIVINE ❤ Mint Dotted knotted shirt   (3 colour HUD included) $1


Pɑcɑgɑiɑ Creɑti♥ns Nessa Underpants applier [HELLO.K] $1


NS::  Kawaii Sleep Mask $1 

[La Baguette] Heart Blush Tattoo  Gift $0  SaNaRae Event 

. blurryfaced / radio lipstick PINK C A T W A applier gift! $1 



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