Axle to grind



So typical me I have left it a long time between posts, but I was inspired today by a few cool grabs on the grid. This one started with the group gift from Stories and Co. linked to me by a friend.

I have been busy looking for a new place to squat and throw down some stuff so the curb side pick up seems to be the best place to start. Its all about balance. Do you want the really cool lippy that costs $$$ or the expensive tv? Apparently I chose the lippy.




One and two.

OldSchool SkateBoard v3.8 OfficineAliprandiMotorCycles $1 

Slum City – Old Phonebooks & Newspapers $0

Busted wasteland TV  $0



RAMA – #selfie_RAMA Old Street $75 Gacha in store. 




*Pink Hair* – Sunshine Blonde GIFT! $1 linden



:* [BE]lieve – Hipster Studded Triangles Shorts $10 linden


Stories&Co. by Flowey / Ami Crop Top – Skelton  $0 (Group Gift $100 to join)


*COCO*_ShirtAroundWaist(GinghamCheckRed) $99 Linden

#adored – wednesday lips – bloodlust edition  @ Memento.Mori  $199 Linden (I know I know had to splurge)


Glamrus . Letting You Go $1 Linden

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