Flamingos are never free


SO now we know not all of us can sink our lindens into the latest buy-in-and -sit-back box of goodies, and whilst many of you love the luxury, there are still some of us who just keep on trucking and try to get inventive with what we have. 

What we do know is:

We love hot shit.

AND we love to look shit hot.

Its Secondlife Summer and I don’t mind me a good body suit. So here’s hoping this little post may convince you to find someones pool in this place and have a dip (with bubbly in hand).

I have grabbed a quite a bit of the decor items from marketplace and in store gachas today. Its always a good idea to check mp or the yard sales for the best bargains. 


One and two.

::Damyn Store:: Flamingo Tube $65 (Seriously I HAD to its a f*cking flamingo! )

dust bunny . beach towel tote . chevron Get them from here on mp from $5+

“Floaty pink” -Pool mattress  $1 There is one animation on this one.

= MoteL 14 = Metal Industrial Locker $5

7 – Heated Pool Sign  – $50+ Get them here from mp

oyasumi / no smoking sign $45+

[ keke ] champagne bublissimo – clear and [ keke ] champagne glass – flute both from the gacha machine at keke – $50 per play


Plant life.

Mesh Hedges Garden Plant v05 $1 Linden

[ keke ] flower cactus $50 gacha


Candy doll shape display Free

(with my own textures)

spa and ladder from this full perm pool set $99




.Olive. the Kelly  Hair (lucky board)  Free

Just Magnetised Basic Hair base Set 3   -tinted to suit (not free)

Body suit.

Deer Deer – S Jeun et belle Bodysuit $1linden


Millo Copperfield – Mesh Black Towel on shoulder $15

Ring. Project K_Antique Onix Ring *FREE GIFT*


Angelle hoop earring 50mm wide black. Free


Pie-Tin: Chunky Black Bead Necklace Free

LUXE. Triangles Necklace Black  Free (SLBday13Gift)

OXI – Geometric Leaf  Necklace$150

Eclat – Ari Choker – Gold  @Kustom9 (SLBday13Gift)


Winny Choo – MAYA – Triple ring (rose gold) $1


[SX] Bracelets Black $1


Alofoke! Alofoke Onix Cap $1


Phedora. Meliantha Boots ( Maitreya Lara ) Fuchsia $50+


Make up.

+abigailia+ matte lippies (hot pink) catwa free tester $0


Sparkle Bunny black nails with gold tips for Maitreya $1


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