Bumming it at the beach


So here’s the thing – part of hitchhiking our way around sl includes the occasional harmless trespass. (Looks around). I know, I know, people pay good money to be here and the rest – but to be honest I do not feel guilty when I tumble into someones open yard and spend a couple of minutes there as I have for years paid tier and loved the occasional drop in by a random.

So if you happen to see me in your yard:

Don’t feed me – Don’t yell at me – Don’t worry I will not stay forever.

P.s I can cook a mean curry.

So here I am with my bestie (who bought her own surfboard) and for the next 30 minutes we felt like we lived on the better side of the linden line and soaked up the rays and some of Jack’s ale in the esky. Jack if you are reading this we owe you a beer!


One and two.


Everything is Jack’s- so you know… whoops. Try Head Hunters though noticed the tag on the esky.

You can pick up your surfboard here  it’s free

Or an ice cream here

The BFF is Wearing.


Eaters Coma – HAIR 50 – fatpack 99l

Swim stuff.

ba!DeSiGn Bikini 4 Style – in blue – Free

Ricielli – Lexi Minitop (Fitted) / Super League – love mommy hunt – $15


Junk Food – Festival Bracelet – indie teepee gift Free

LUXE. Triangles Necklace Silver – slb13 custom Free

Ring – (candydoll) _CD_ Hello Bow Ring – Pink – Right slb13 – from c88 -Free

Ama. : Kitty Sunglasses : SL13B Pink – slb13 – we love role-play  Free


Never asked about the tattoo but I know it is not free or cheap.


I am wearing.


Besom~ Jade – Group Gift – Free

Swim stuff.

*COCO*- BandeauBikini_Top – Free

BUNENZA-  bikini “ELLE” 2 Bottom – Free



(Yummy) Polyex Sports Watch – Green Not free but $50 gacha

Floats #SMB Mesh Waterwing -Free

Sunglasses Banana Twist  from MP I edited the lenses from black to coloured – some editing knowledge required.- Free


Reckless. – Joon II – Free group gift  On my leg only the other tattoo is not free.

The BFF This one  Free

Me This one $1linden


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